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Tech Talk with Mates featuring Jamie Murrell

July 9, 2021

In the ‘fireside chat’, my mate, Jamie Murrell, and I explore our inner geek. We cover:

  • IPads, touch screens
  • Keeping in touch with family on socials
  • Tech we use at home and at work
  • More IPads
  • Screen protectors :)
  • Software updates
  • Walking dogs and surfing 
  • Annoying notifications 
  • Smart watches 
  • Psychology of responding to messages
  • Burpees
  • Favourite tech we won’t leave home without

About Jamie:

Jamie is a self confessed gadget and technology addict who manages to combine his passion for technology with his work by helping organisations improve what they do with the tools and technology that they have. Jamie has a young family that fully embrace technology (whether they like it or not) and is constantly trying to find tech solutions for the older generation by experimenting with his family both in Australia and the UK. Jamie is a change evangelists and sees technology as the gateway to managing the ever increasing pace of change while staying connected in the ‘real world’.


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